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discarded food
into high-quality
animal feed.


We breathe new life into old food.

FeedBack makes the most economic disposal for unwanted food the most sustainable option by safely converting it into valuable, high-quality animal feed. Our state-of-the-art plant ensures the value of food is preserved and reintroduced into the food supply chain – transforming the economics and environmental footprint of the generators and farmers we serve. 


We make it simple to get the most value from your supply chain.

FeedBack offers streamlined services and custom-tailored programs to meet your needs.


We can provide:


Reliable, 24/7 pickup services

Drop-off only intake services

Certification of Destruction

Online & automated portals for tracking, payments, regulatory compliance, & reporting

Carbon credit monetization on your behalf starting in 2024

FeedBack marketing kit for your business


We provide high-quality
animal feed.

FeedBack has the processes and controls to meet your nutrition needs.

We can provide:


H Reliable, 24/7 delivery services


H Nutritional analysis 

H Feed safety certifications

Online & automated portals for tracking, payments, regulatory compliance, & reporting

Customized feed formulations starting in 2022

FeedBack marketing kit for your business


Food is more valuable than dirt and energy.

Food production is the largest source of global waste. Every year, over 2 billion tons of food is discarded – and the great majority is destined to decompose in a field, an anaerobic digestor, or a landfill. These low-value and expensive end-uses not only waste the food but result in over 2 gigatons CO2eq production per year – which exceeds the emissions generated by the US vehicular fleet.

Animals want your

unconsumed food.

On the flip side, animal feed production is the world’s most resource-intensive industry – now using over 3.3 billion acres of land, equivalent to 1.5X the US landmass. Tapping into and repurposing the unwanted food supply dramatically reduces the land and resource-burdens facing all major economies.

Partner to create real, immediate impact.

Converting unwanted food into animal feed should be the global standard, and we are building the team and technology to rapidly make that a reality. FeedBack’s first plant can process over 15% of Massachusetts's food waste to supply almost 10% of New England’s animal feed demand. This model’s success will be determined by partnerships with the food industry and transportation stakeholders. If you generate or transport unwanted food, please reach out to learn how simple it is to participate in this real, sustainable practice.


Feedback Earth is committed to running operations that do not cause community disturbances.

If you suspect that our facility is generating unpleasant odors and disrupting your day,

please call our 24/7 odor hotline at 585-453-2311


Let's talk.
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North Grafton Plant

109 Creeper Hill Road

North Grafton, MA 01536

General email:

Main phone: 508 839 1300

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